Total loss Car Appraisals | JDPower Mitchell, CCC Valuescope, Audatex Autosource


Order Total Loss Appraisal Report

If you are ready to move forward with a Total Loss Appraisal, please fill out the form loss desk appraisal icon

Please attach the vehicle valuation given to you by the insurer ( CCC, Audatex, Mitchell etc…). If you don’t have one, ask the insurer to provide you with the appraisal they used to determine your vehicle’s value.

This appraisal will have comparable vehicles listed and a breakdown of your vehicle’s options, equipment and condition. Sample Appraisal Report

Please Note:

  1. We need a copy of the insurer’s vehicle valuation report
  2. Since we’re not physicaly inspecting the vehicle, we will not be disputing the condition stated in the insurer’s report unless you order a field appraisal
  3. There is no guarantee our valuation will be greater than theirs
  4. Our appraisal fee is non-refundable
  5. If this is a first party claim, we will negotiate a settlement on your behalf at no extra charge