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Diminished Value Appraisals

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Was your car involved in an accident? Collect your vehicle's reduction in value. Visit the Diminished Value Bureau. WHAT IS DIMINISHED VALUE? If you’ve been in a car accident, your vehicle will be worth less in resale than the same model with no collision history—and it doesn’t matter how flawlessly your car was repaired. Diminished Value is the depreciated value of an automobile accelerated by an accident (collision) or an incident (fire, flood, hail). Automobiles are depreciating assets that normally decrease in value as time goes by; car accidents, on the other hand, hasten the normal rate of depreciation and lead to an immediate and quantifiable loss in value. You may be entitled to monetary compensation based on your car’s diminished value. Courts have stated that vehicles involved in an accident…
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Total Loss Threshold by State

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The Total Loss Threshold is the dollar amount or percentage of value that triggers an automobile’s being declared a total loss. This amount differs from state to state, please review the table below: The total loss formula TLF is as follows: Cost of Repair + Salvage Value > Actual Cash Value So, unless a percentage is established by law, insurers will use the total loss formula. Alabama 75% Alaska TLF Arizona TLF Arkansas 70% California TLF Colorado 100% Connecticut TLF Delaware TLF Florida 80% Georgia TLF Hawaii TLF Idaho TLF Illinois TLF Indiana 70% Iowa 70% Kansas 75% Kentucky 75% Louisiana 75% Maine TLF Maryland 75% Massachusetts TLF Michigan 75% Minnesota 70% Mississippi TLF Missouri 80% Montana TLF Nebraska 75% Nevada 65% New Hampshire 75% New Jersey TLF New Mexico TLF New York 75%…
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