Total Loss Appraisals

Our Licensed Car Appraisers can help you Negotiate and Settle your Insurance Claim for More!


Vehicle Valuation Services

Free Claim Review

We don’t want to sell you an appraisal you don’t need. That is why we run the numbers first and let you know if the insurance offer is fair or not.

Desk Appraisal

You order this report if the Claim Review results came in favorable (your car is worth more than the insurance offer), the cost is a flat fee, never a percentage.

Field Appraisal

If your own a classic, specialty, antique, or otherwise unique car with added options and accessories, an inspection would be necessary.

Claim Settlement

In some cases, we must negotiate the claim on your behalf. this usually happens when you're filing with your own carrier and after they hire their own Independent Appraiser.

Total Loss Appraisal Report

If your vehicle is totaled, do not accept the insurance company’s offer before you talk to us.

Desk Appraisal

Vehicle Valuation Report for Total Loss Claims
$ 195 Flat Rate
  • USPAP Compliant Report
  • Comparable Vehicle Analysis
  • Correct Condition Adjustments
total loss

The best Appraisers are on your side


Our appraisers adhere to a strict code of ethics. We will guarantee a pleasant service or your money back.

Fast & Reliable

Most of our appraisal reports are produced within 24 hours of your order so you can get paid quicker.


The appraisals we issue are industry standard and accepted by most insurance carriers


Regardless if you live in New York, Texas, Florida or California our reports will work for your insurance claim.

Satisfied Total Loss Clients

So happy to have found these guys! My claim took a total of 10 days from appraisal to me receiving my check. I appreciate y'all so much.
Sophie Flowers
Mobile, AL
I was able to receive a settlement thats $2,200 more than what I was offered by the insurance company. Thanks, Appraisal Engine.
Frank W.
Cumming, GA
Helped me collect what I was owed for my totaled Volvo. They also negotiated with my insurance adjuster and got me loss of use.
Ryan Wilson
Atlanta, GA

Claim Settlement Services
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We would love to see how we can help you settle your claim for more!