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A Glimpse Into Porsche’s EVs Future


A Glimpse Into Porsche’s EVs Future (PDF)

In 2024, Porsche will release an electric Macan, the first of several new electric models.

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There are plenty of reasons for Porsche to be excited about 2023. The carmaker’s synthetic e-fuels program appears to be progressing nicely, and the company reported strong earnings and revenue last year. A high-end electric SUV was confirmed in previous rumors as part of Porsche’s EV release roadmap.

Electrifying the Cayenne – Porsche’s best-selling vehicle – is Porsche’s next step after electrifying the small SUVs and sports cars. Above the Cayenne, a much-rumored flagship electric vehicle will boast an impressive 920-volt electrical architecture and a novel battery design. A Porsche-developed SSP Sport Platform will power it, and it will have automated driving capabilities as well as high performance.

According to the automaker, the SUV will use some lessons and technologies it developed with the Mission R electric concept, and production will begin in the middle of the decade.

In spite of the economic and social turmoil of the last few years, Porsche has weathered the storm better than many other high-end automakers. Porsche’s buyers aren’t as affected by inflation and recession as other high-end manufacturers.

In order for Porsche to reach its goal of shifting 80% of new vehicle sales to electric vehicles, new EVs will be needed. Although supply chain issues remain a stumbling block, sales of its first EV, the Taycan, have been strong. More than 11% of Porsche’s total sales volume came from electric vehicles in 2022, a significant improvement over 2021.

The Taycan was an early entrant in the ultra-high-end EV space, but it now faces competition from all corners of the automotive market. Lucid, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Genesis, and others are all offering new electric models. Despite the lack of the brutal performance of the Taycan, there are plenty of compelling rivals. While Porsche’s move into electric sports cars will also make it a pioneer, it is unlikely that this early-mover advantage will last.