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Atlanta - Georgia Total Loss Appraisals

Our company is located in Roswell, GA and we cover the entire state.

Is your insurance company declaring your vehicle total loss because of an accident, fire or a flood?

Did you know that your policy allows you to dispute their valuation by hiring your own appraiser? It’s called your appraisal clause. 

If we cannot agree with you on the amount of a loss, then we or you may demand an appraisal of the loss.

Within 30 days of any demand for an appraisal, each party shall appoint a competent and impartial appraiser and shall notify the other party of that appraiser’s identity.

The appraisers will determine the amount of loss. If they fail to agree, the disagreement will be submitted to a qualified and impartial umpire chosen by the appraisers.

If the two appraisers are unable to agree upon an umpire within 15 days, we or you may request a judge of a court of record, in the county where you reside, select an umpire.

The appraisers and the umpire will determine the amount of loss. The amount of loss agreed to by both appraisers or by one appraiser and the umpire will be binding.

You will pay your appraisers fees and expenses, we will pay our appraisers fees and expenses.

All other expenses of the appraisal, including payment of the umpire if one is selected, will be shared equally between us and you. Neither we nor you waive any rights under this policy by agreeing to an appraisal.

We Can Help

Someone Hit Your Car and Totaled It?

We are Atlanta’s premier auto appraisal company, we will be your appraisers in this dispute and provide you with a USPAP report you can provide your insurance company to challenge their unfair valuation.

Don’t settle for an unfair market value, we can help you maximize your insurance settlement 97% of the time.

Step #1 - FREE Claim Review

The first step of the process is to order a FREE Quote. We request that you send us a copy of the Vehicle Valuation Report provided by your carrier and we will run the numbers independently then compare and determine if their offer is fair or not.

Step #2 - Appraisal Report

If we determine that the insurer’s offer is unfair during our claim review, you can order an appraisal from us.

The cost of the appraisal is $225 (Upfront flat fee).

The insurance company will require an appraisal report for the claim to move along through the dispute process. Our report is industry standard and recognized by all insurance carriers.

Get Started

Insurance Claim Review

If you feel that the insurer is trying to improperly compensate you for your car’s cash value, please order a claim review from us, and let’s get the ball rolling.

Not sure if the insurer is offering you a fair deal? Fill out the form and order our FREE Total Loss claim review.


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Free Total Loss Claim Review