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Valuation Service Explained

MAXIMIZE YOUR TOTAL LOSS SETTLEMENT IN 3 STEPS Did the insurance company declare your vehicle a total loss? Is the Actual Cash Value offered by the carrier unfair or too low? Are you frustrated and unhappy with how your total loss claim is going? You’re not alone, thousands of vehicle owners find themselves in this […]

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Sample Vehicle Valuation Report – CCC

Below is a sample vehicle valuation report issued by CCC. This total loss analysis is usually not a true reflection of your vehicle’s actual cash value. To challenge the carrier’s report, you must provide one of your own. Order a claim review today and find out if the insurer’s offer is truly fair. SAMPLE-TOTAL-LOSS-CCC-REPORT  

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Charity Appraisals

Donating a vehicle that’s worth more than $5,000. Get a qualified IRS appraisal today.   By donating a vehicle to a charity, individuals can deduct the car’s fair market value from their taxable income. If the claimed deduction for a vehicle is more than $5,000, the donor must submit an IRS-qualified car appraisal issued by a […]

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