Sample Vehicle Valuation Report – CCC

Below is a sample vehicle valuation report issued by CCC. This total loss analysis is usually not a true reflection of your vehicle’s actual cash value. To challenge the carrier’s report, you must provide one of your own. Order a claim review today and find out if the insurer’s offer is truly fair. SAMPLE-TOTAL-LOSS-CCC-REPORT  

Pre-Purchase Inspections

ORDER AN INSPECTION FROM OUR AFFILIATE – AIM Top 5 reasons to order: Make sure you’re not buying a problem car. Make sure you’re not over-paying. Peace of Mind. Vehicle History report. Independent and unbiased opinion. Our inspections not only include a condition report but also a comprehensive appraisal, so you get both the peace […]

Total Loss Field Appraisals

Total Loss in-person inspections are only offered in Georgia, North Carolina and parts of South Carolina. The cost of this field appraisal is $275. Please call us at 1-877-667-2326 to schedule an inspection. If you order a desk appraisal and require an inspection at a later date, you can pay us the difference at the […]

Auto Flood Claims

Total Loss Claims for Flooded Vehicles. Was your vehicle in a flood or water damage? Do you know what you should do if your car is flooded? Is your insurance company fairly compensating you for your vehicle’s value? Every year thousands of vehicles are totaled due to flood, and with a busy hurricane season ( […]

Loss of Use Calculator

Did you get a rental that’s lower in value than your damaged vehicle? Collect the difference between what your car’s daily use is worth and the rental car. What is the Loss of Use Calculator? Our loss of use valuation tool helps you recover the full amount of your claim by comparing the rental rate […]

Charity Appraisals

Donating a vehicle that’s worth more than $5,000. Get a qualified IRS appraisal today.   By donating a vehicle to a charity, individuals can deduct the car’s fair market value from their taxable income. If the claimed deduction for a vehicle is more than $5,000, the donor must submit an IRS-qualified car appraisal issued by a […]

Diminished Value Appraisals

Was your car involved in an accident? Collect your vehicle’s reduction in value. Visit the Diminished Value Bureau. WHAT IS DIMINISHED VALUE? If you’ve been in a car accident, your vehicle will be worth less in resale than the same model with no collision history—and it doesn’t matter how flawlessly your car was repaired. Diminished […]