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Diminished Value Case Study For 2021 Nissan Rogue with Severe Damage

Diminished Value Case Study For 2021 Nissan Rogue with Severe Damage (PDF)

Diminished Value Case Study For 2021 Nissan Rogue with Severe Damage

Certainly, the Nissan Rogue is an excellent compact SUV. It offers a long list of features, outperforms most of its classmates in cargo space, and offers two rows of comfortable seats. The Rogue’s powertrain proves to be a little uninspired when it comes to performance, but it delivers great fuel economy and great handling.

In 2021, Nissan has completely redesigned its Rogue. It rides on a new platform, and it gains 11 horsepower from a new suspension, steering, and transmission. Additionally, the new Rogue offers more standard and available features, such as larger infotainment screens, wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless device charging, tri-zone automatic climate control, and a fully digital instrument panel.

When the rear seats are folded flat, the Nissan Rogue has an expansive cargo area of 74.1 cubic feet, making it one of the most spacious compact SUVs in its class. When the rear seats are up, you get 31.6 cubic feet. A Divide-N-Hide cargo floor on SL and Platinum models gives you 36.5 cubic feet behind the second row. Additionally, the wide hatch makes it easier to load bulky items.

Also, 82 out of 100 is the predicted reliability score for the 2021 Rogue. A J.D. Power predicted reliability score of 91-100 is the best, 81-90 is great, 70-80 is average, and 0-69 is fair and considered below average.

Did You Crash Your 2021 Nissan Rogue?

Your day was like any other, you were minding your own business when you suddenly had a car accident. Did you know that a wrecked and repaired car can lose over $7,285 in value?


Diminished Value Calculator
 Before Accident Cash Value  $36,425
 After Accident Cash Value  $29,140
 Diminished Value   $7,745


No matter who was at fault, you’re entitled to diminished value. Would you like to know how much your car lost due to a collision? Get a FREE Claim Review or call us now at (877) 667-2326 and get the money you deserve.

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