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The Total Loss Game

Did you know that you’re entitled to challenge the insurer’s offer? You can reject it outright or give the insurer a counter-offer.

By law, carriers are required to handle claims in good faith and consider written evidence submitted in a claim. An appraisal report is the evidence you need in a total loss claim dispute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The vehicle is totaled when: The cost of repair + salvage value > Actual Cash Value

YES. If you believe your vehicle is worth more, you must prove a higher value. This is usually done by providing the carrier with an alternate report.

It usually takes no longer than 15 days, depending on the adjuster handling your claim and the dynamic between the two of you.

Yes, as long as the appraiser issuing it is licensed and competent.

Yes! As part of our total loss appraisal services, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If the insurance company does not pay at least the appraisal cost, we will gladly refund 100% of the appraisal cost.

Not unless we are disputing the condition and equipment listed on the insurer’s report.

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