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How Tesla’s Range Adjustments Affect You

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, Tesla has recently made headlines by adjusting the range estimates for its Model Y, Model S, and Model X vehicles. This article delves into the details of these changes, exploring the reasons behind the adjustments and their potential impact on consumers and the electric vehicle industry.

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How Tesla’s Range Adjustments Affect You (PDF)

Tesla’s Range Estimate Adjustments: An Overview

Model Y Changes:

  • Long Range, 19-inch wheels: 310 miles (20 less).
  • Long Range, 20-inch wheels: 292 miles (27 less).
  • Performance: 285 miles (17 less).

Model S Adjustments:

  • Long Range, 21-inch wheels: 382 miles (7 more).
  • Plaid, 19-inch wheels: 359 miles (37 less).
  • Plaid, 21-inch wheels: 320 miles (28 less).

Model X Revisions:

  • Long Range, 20-inch wheels: 335 miles (13 less).
  • Long Range, 22-inch wheels: 322 miles (8 less).
  • Plaid, 20-inch wheels: 326 miles (7 less).
  • Plaid, 22-inch wheels: 300 miles (11 less).

The EPA’s New Testing Protocol

A significant factor in Tesla’s range estimate revisions is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s updated testing protocol. The new method requires averaging a vehicle’s range over several driving modes, not just the default mode, for a more accurate reflection of real-world performance.

Real-World Implications and Industry Response

  • Consumer Reports and Edmunds: Both have noted that Tesla’s previous estimates often did not match real-world performance, with Tesla being an exception in failing to meet or exceed EPA estimates.
  • Industry Experts’ Views: The reduction in range estimates is seen as a necessary step towards greater transparency and accuracy in EV range reporting.

Tesla’s Response to Range Discrepancies

  • Algorithm Acknowledgement: Tesla’s navigation algorithms suggest a more conservative range than the company’s previous estimates.
  • Lack of Price Adjustments: Despite the reduced range estimates, Tesla has not made any corresponding changes to the MSRP of these models.


Tesla’s decision to adjust its range estimates for several of its models represents a significant step towards greater accuracy and transparency in the electric vehicle industry. While these changes might not dramatically alter consumer perception, they reflect the company’s response to evolving industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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