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Florida Flood Damage

Record Number of Total Vehicle Losses in Hurricane Irma’s Wake! Appraisal Engine Inc. offers second opinion on insurance adjusters’ estimates Industry experts estimate that flooding caused by Hurricane Irma damaged up to as many as a 30,000 cars in Florida. It will be up to owners and insurers to decide what to do with the […]

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Houston Flooded Cars

Appraisal Engine Inc is now offering valuation reports to vehicle owners affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas. With the incredible amount of losses, sometimes insurance companies are too overwhelmed to spend as much time as needed calculating actual cash values of totaled vehicles. Residents who feel that their vehicles are undervalued have recourse via […]

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Houston Texas Flooded Car Appraisals

Was your Car Flooded during Hurricane Harvey? Is the Insurance Company trying to Total your Vehicle and Offering an UNFAIR Amount? Hurricane Harvey damaged up to 600,000 vehicle in the Houston, Texas area, many of which are now flooded and will considered a total loss by the insurance carriers.  Due to the large number of […]

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