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Things That The Auto Body Shop Doesn’t Want You to Know


Things That The Auto Body Shop Doesn’t Want You to Know (PDF)

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It is best to use OEM parts

Original-equipment manufacturers (OEM) are made especially for your car. Insurance companies prefer to use generic replacement parts because they cost a lot less. OEM parts are safer for you and your vehicle as well, so always ask for the body shop to use them.

Direct Repair Facilities work for the insurance company, not you

It is common for insurance companies with repair shops to negotiate a predetermined rate for your vehicle’s repair. Many repair shops do the bare minimum in order to keep the insurance company’s business going. The moblike tactics employed by the insurance company against legitimate body shops have discouraged them from working with that company.

It is rare for cars to be completed on time

You should always call the Body Shop before you visit to make sure the car is actually repaired. The due date is often fiction and is only a guideline. Many times clients will show up to pick up their car while it is still waiting to be repaired. In general, Body Shops will take on more business than they can handle.

Warranty provided by the insurer

There are times when insurance companies promise you an elusive warranty on the parts to entice you to go to their direct repair shops. However, most body shops guarantee their repairs for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Reimbursement for rental cars

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to request that our clients place their rental car on their credit card and promise to reimburse them when the car has been repaired. However, we have found that reimbursements do not always occur, and rarely are they for the full amount owed or promised. You will often not have to pay out-of-pocket for a rental car if your insurance company has an account with a certain rental car company.