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Tips To Increase Your Total Loss Claim


Tips To Increase Your Total Loss Claim (PDF)

Tips To Increase Your Total Loss Claim

There are a number of things you should consider if you’ve been in a car accident and want to maximize your total loss claim.

Follow these steps if your car was totaled and you want to increase your total loss claim:

1. We can provide you with a total loss appraisal. As qualified professional appraisers, we will evaluate the value of your vehicle, so you will know exactly how much money your totaled car is worth and how much your at-fault insurance company should pay you.

2. There is always a settlement range that insurance companies will be comfortable with, so you should never accept the first offer if it is less than you requested.

3. Our experienced appraisers will help you overcome the arguments presented by the insurance company after you purchase our report. As industry professionals, we know what buttons to push, and how to escalate the issue to higher-level managers and insurance department complaints.

4. It is possible to file a small claim suit against the other driver in rare cases. If so, the insurance company will usually increase its offer to settle your claim out of court. They may decide to settle rather than continue to fight because it will be more cost-effective for them to settle rather than defend against your lawsuit.

5. When you go to court, you’ll want to be in a stronger position than the insurance company. An appraiser with the right license, certifications, experience, and credentials, along with the ability to prepare an appraisal report in accordance with industry standards, is one way to accomplish this.

Make sure you act quickly to maximize your total loss claim.

As one of Atlanta’s leading car appraisal companies, we look forward to helping you obtain the full value you are owed for your vehicle. We can help you settle for more!