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Top 10 Least Satisfying Vehicles to Own

Top 10 Least Satisfying Vehicles to Own (PDF)

Top 10 least satisfying vehicles to own, according to Consumer Reports.

From cell phones to snow blowers, Consumer Reports asks its users all kinds of questions about how they shop, how they use it, and how they feel about a variety of products. It’s common for CR to cover cars as one of their most engaging topics, and the latest study about the least satisfying cars offers some information about cars people wish they hadn’t bought or wouldn’t buy again.

The company asked thousands of members what they liked and didn’t like about the car they had owned for a certain amount of time. Lastly, when asked if they would repurchase the same car or recommend it to another person, the vehicles revealed to be least likely to be purchased a second time were:

Rank Make Model Would buy again (%)
10 Kia Forte 51%
9 Nissan Altima 49%
8 Nissan Kicks 49%
7 Volkswagen Taos 48%
6 Kia Seltos 48%
5 Jeep Compass 46%
4 Mercedes-Benz GLA 45%
3 Infiniti QX50 40%
2 Mercedes-Benz GLB 39%
1 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 38%

This top 10 have owners who say they won’t buy their cars again in the future. Eight of these cars are crossover SUVs, which poorly compromise between multiple functions, while six are subcompacts, which limit their utility. Neither of the two is a subcompact, but both are in the bottom three by a significant margin.

2023 Atlas Cross Sport

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport may be one of the few non-luxury SUVs with a sense of style, but this doesn’t make it any more engaging to drive. Although VW removed the third-row seat and shortened the roofline from the basic Atlas model, acceleration is still lacking. Unfortunately, there have been also a number of recalls issued for the Cross Sport, including four that have been declared this year alone. The hassle associated with recalling and its average reliability ratings likely contribute to its position as one of the least satisfying vehicles.


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