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Case Study – Hyundai Sonata – Atlanta

Total Loss Case Study, Hyundai Sonta, Atlanta Claim

We were contacted by Geri, P from Marietta, GA. Her insurance company, Farmers, had offered her $10,080 as the cash value of her 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited.



Geri contacted us asking for a quote, she wanted to know if her insurance company was giving her a fair offer.


First, we requested a copy of the appraisal report Farmers was basing their offer on. Apparently, CCC was the company they hired.



After a claim review, we told Geri that the Actual Cash value was in fact closer to $12,000 and not the $10,080 she was being offered. Geri ordered an appraisal from us.


Geri submitted our appraisal to her carrier and invoked her appraisal clause.


After being contacted by the insurance company’s appraiser, we were able to settle Geri’s claim for $11,750.



Case Study Summary:

Original Offer  $          10,080
Appraisal  $          11,989
Settlement  $          11,750
Increase  $             1,670
Increase Percentage 17%
Appraisal Cost  $                150
Return on Investment 1013%

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