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Hire the U.S Leading Car Appraisal Team For Your Claim

Appraisal Engine is your go-to expert for Actual Cash Value and Total Loss Appraisals, catering to insurance, tax, and legal Matters. Our nationwide licensed team delivers USPAP-compliant reports, backed by over 30 years of combined auto experience.

As I-CAR certified professionals and SEMA members, we ensure cutting-edge, unbiased appraisals. Choose us for unparalleled expertise in vehicle valuation reports.

Our Solutions

Vehicle Valuation Services

Our professional appraisers deliver accurate, industry-standard valuations with a commitment to ethics and client satisfaction. Quick and reliable, we provide most reports within 24 hours.

Nationwide coverage ensures our services are effective no matter where you are in the U.S. Trust us for efficient, precise, and universally accepted vehicle appraisals.

Free Claim Review

We'll check if you need an appraisal and verify the fairness of the insurance offer, saving you time and money.

Desk Appraisal

You order this report if the Claim Review your car is worth more than the insurance offer. The cost is a flat fee, never a percentage.

Field Appraisal

If your own a classic, specialty, antique, or unique car with added options and accessories, an inspection would be necessary.

Claim Settlement

In some cases, we have to negotiate the claim on your behalf. This can happen if the insurer decides to hire their own appraiser.

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Our Customers Reviews

Brian Cancel
Brian CancelLocal Guide
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My experience was superb! I found the process to be quite seamless. I was able to easily communicate with Appraisal Engine team throughout my auto claim. A few weeks after I received my DV report, my repair bill went up significantly. They were able to adjust the report to reflect accurately. The amount I was seeking in diminished value also increased. The original amount on the appraisal report which was provided by Appraisal Engine was $5900 and increased to $6900. A third party company hired by USAA offered me $1059, but Appraisal Engine negotiated and settled for $6657!
Lawrence Chen
Lawrence ChenLocal Guide
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5 stars for the Outstanding job by Felipe and the rest of the team at Appraisal Engine Inc. One star for every 1K! They were able to help me recover for my total loss claim settlement. In the end, I got a total of $5000 more than the initial offer my insurance company was going to payout for my vehicle. Again Thx u so much Felipe! and the Appraisal Engine Inc. team for the amazing A+ job with my total loss claim settlement.
Megan Ralston
Megan RalstonLocal Guide
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Tony and his company are amazing! They helped us through one of the worst situations we’ve found ourselves in with our insurance company. If you are on the fence about paying for an ACCURATE appraisal on your vehicle, DO IT. Paying this up front right after our accident gave us the perfect leg to stand on against our insurance company trying to low-ball us on the value of our vehicle. If it wasn’t for this company, we’d be coming out of our pocket for thousands of dollars for pay off. I cannot recommend them enough. Their response time is always prompt and the team is more than courteous. Thanks again guys!
Nancy Gilbert
Nancy GilbertLocal Guide
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If you need an appraiser to counter an insurance claim, these are the people you want fighting for you. They are great with communication. They get right to work! My appraiser not only got an additional $1500, it was $400 more than he thought I would end up with. That is well worth the money spent to the initial appraisal and the settlement fee. If I'm ever in this situation again, I know who I'm going to turn to!

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Our experts will check everything out and let you know where you stand. It’s quick, easy, and can help you make the right decision about your car. 

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