Top 5 reasons to order:

Our inspections not only include a condition report but also a comprehensive appraisal, so you get both the peace of mind of buying a good car and that you’re not paying too much for it.

Our Inspection Includes:

Our inspectors are highly qualified and trained to specifically evaluate your car.  The inspectors will look at the exterior, interior, underneath the car and under-the-hood compartment. Listed below are some of the items inspected.



Under Hood

Under Carriage (at shop only)

Test Drive

We suggests an optional test drive as part of the inspection process. By test driving the vehicle, the inspector will gain valuable information about the vehicle. The inspector will ride along with the owner or the owner’s representative. The test drive confirms the following components and/ or issues:

We reserve the right not participate in the test drive in the event that the inspector deems the road and/ or weather conditions as hazardous for test driving conditions. The inspector makes the final decision.

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