Top 10 Most Affordable EVs of 2023 So Far

Top 10 Most Affordable EVs of 2023 So Far (PDF)


There are still many reasons to consider electric vehicles, even more so if it’s at an affordable price. Low ownership and maintenance costs make EVs cheaper than you might expect. In addition to being low running costs due to having fewer moving parts, electric vehicles are also very environmentally friendly because they use little or no fossil fuels. With that in mind we list here the top 10 cheapest electric cars and SUVs of 2023 so far.

By 2022, the average price of a new car transaction will reach $49,500. While there are certainly more affordable options, a new car or SUV will cost a lot more than it did not long ago. Even the most expensive electric vehicle on our list costs less than the average transaction price, and multiple electric models can be purchased for less than $30,000.

EVs will almost certainly save you money on the total cost of ownership compared to new cars that cost $26,000 or more. In addition to being significantly more efficient, electric cars are cheaper to charge at home than gas cars, no matter where you live. Electric vehicles also require very little maintenance because there are almost no fluids to change.

Learn about the cheapest electric cars and SUVs available in 2023 by reading this article.

RankMakeModelMSRPStandard Range 
10SubaruSolterra$44,995222 miles
9ToyotabZ4x$42,000252 miles
8HyundaiIoniq 5$41,450220 miles
7VolkswagenID.4$41,230275 miles
6KiaNiro EV $39,450253 miles
5HyundaiKona Electric$33,550258 miles
4MiniCooper SE (Electric Hardtop)$29,900114 miles
3NissanLeaf$28,040149 miles
2ChevroletBolt EUV$27,800247 miles
1ChevroletBolt EV$26,500259 miles

Top 10 Most Affordable EVs Chart

Check out the used market if there isn’t an EV on our list that fits your budget, or doesn’t interest you. Used electric cars tend to sell at a discount because the demand for EVs is still low when compared to gasoline cars.